Thursday, October 17, 2019
About All Saints'

We, the community of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, are called to bring all people to a closer relationship with God and each other in Jesus Christ. Jesus charged his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. On the first Pentecost so long ago, the disciples were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t matter what language people spoke or where they were from. They went out and shared the Good News of Jesus.

St. Francis of Assisi once said that we should at all times preach the gospel and, if necessary, use words. The apostle Paul says we are all given different gifts, and we are charged by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to use those gifts. This web site describes the many ways in which the people of All Saints’ use their gifts to preach the gospel. It also gives an indication of the many ways in which the people of All Saints’ − and, indeed, the world − receive the ministry offered by this parish.

Whether we are offering or receiving ministry, the connections we make with others bring us closer to God in Christ. All Saints’ offers many paths for ministry. These include programs and events that welcome both young and old, both newcomers and long-time members. From one-time opportunities to long-term commitments, there is something for everyone! We invite you to prayerfully consider how you will minister in Christ’s name in our community and beyond.

The Rev. Christopher N. Jambor, Rector

Planning to Visit?

Some visitors really want to be noticed.  Others want to “fly under the radar.”  Here at All Saints’ we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Please tell us who you are:  In the pew racks are yellow Visitor Cards.  Please give us your contact information, so that we can welcome you personally.  That card can be dropped into the offering plate or handed to one of the ushers. 

Welcome gift bag:  If you introduce yourself to one of the ushers or greeters, they would love to give you a bag of goodies.  It contains information and a few small gifts. 

Have some coffee:  After the 9 a.m. service, there are always coffee, tea, and doughnuts available in DeWolfe Hall.  During the program year, there is an Adult Forum in the same location beginning at 10:10 a.m. and lasting about 50 minutes.

Come to brunch:  Four times a year, we have an informal brunch for those who are new to All Saints’—whether new members or recent visitors.  If we have your contact information, you will get an invitation or two or three.  Please come.  It’s a great way to meet the clergy, their spouses, and other members of the parish in a casual setting. 

Weekday visitors: On weekdays, the best way to enter the building is the entrance on Penticost. Please ring the bell and someone will admit you.